Executive Team

Our executive team combines a Chief Executive Officer with over 25 years of experience leading a large urban hospital system and local administrators who have been guiding our organization since its infancy. This combination of talent, commitment and experience makes our executive team unique in its ability to successfully manage our critical access hospital.

EPHC's Executive Team (from left): Rhonda Grandi, Director of Clinics; Shawn Rohan, Chief Nursing Officer; Tom Hayes, Chief Executive Officer; and, Jeri Nelson, Chief Financial Officer.

Tom Hayes, Chief Executive Officer
Paul Swanson, M.D., Chief of Staff
Contact: 500 First Ave., Portola, CA 96122
                (530) 832-6564

Board of Directors

Knowledgeable, responsible leadership by our Board of Directors ensures that our hospital remains true to its mission, stays economically viable, and maintains a long term vision in keeping with the changing needs of our community. Our Board brings its expertise from the world of business, finance, and industry to bear in guiding the direction of Eastern Plumas Health Care.

EPHC Board of Directors (from left): Harvey West III, Lucie Kreth, Paul Swanson, Gail McGrath, and Jay Skutt.

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  • Pursuant to California Assembly Bill (AB) 2040, we are providing a link to the Government Compensation in California website, which posts annual compensation of elected officials, officers, and employees of Special Districts. We are listed as Eastern Plumas Hospital District.